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So where can I get the advice I need? I want help with the legal side of all this and want to make sure I get paid the rent I am owed.

This is where rent insurance can come into its own. The policies are also known as ‘rent guarantee’ or ‘rent protection’ plans and they aim to ensure you have a qualified expert on your side the moment a problem begins. Your insurer should offer a free helpline for initial advice as well as paying for and arranging the legal side of the eviction process so you get vacant possession of your property as soon as possible. Interestingly enough, anecdotal evidence from landlords suggests that bad tenants take eviction proceedings more seriously if they come from major companies like insurers than if they are started by individual buy-to-let owners. So it should pay to have plenty of fire power on your side. Experienced landlords say it can be a false economy to try and tackle non-paying tenants without expert help – finding experienced lawyers to act for you is bad enough. Paying their fees will make it seem much, much worse. Rent insurance means both issues can be avoided.